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  • How can contact us?

    A/S Consultation
    For further concerning about after sale service, please contact us by these steps:
    Customer Support >consultation services, enter your name / your phone number
    / e-mail / product name / contents and send the email. After that, your request will
    transfer to Exzen and we will contact you directly.
    If you have any question about our products or after sales service, please feel free to
    contact us. For urgent enquiries, please call us as below phone number.

    A/S Consultation, please contact us: 031-943-8783

  • What is the difference between a buffer screen and a semi-bu…

    One of the most confusing questions of customers is the difference between a Buffer
    Screen and a Semi-buffer Screen. The biggest difference is the air buffer system,
    when the fabric rolls up after using, one type is interrupted in the middle and the
    other is not. About the Buffer Screen, The Fabric rolls up, while the remaining
    fabric is around 15 to 20 cm, it is stop awhile and continue to roll up the rest of the
    A Semi-buffer Screen is the same structure as the Buffered Screen, which slowly
    rolls from the beginning to the end of the fabric. However, both of them are the basic
    ideas to create a durable and long-lasting screen by mitigating impacts to the screen.
    Furthermore, there are some differences such as: the size of the case and the weight
    of the screen. The basic designs are different about the size, but they use the same

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